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Mini Kiwi is a berry of the species Actinidia Arguta, known as hardy kiwi. It is a perennial climbing vine comes from Japan, China, Korea and Siberia, where grows in natural habitat, from immemorial time.

Until now Mini Kiwi was treated as amateurishly cultivated plant. Currently, it is a forward-looking fruit with wider farming potential.It is cultivate among others in Europe, USA and New Zeland.




Mini Kiwi is a berry that weights only few to several grams. They are compared to size of the dessert grapes and smaller than popular and well known in market fuzzy kiwi. They are covered with edible, soft and smooth skin. These advantages make they could be eaten without peeling straight out of the box.

These fruit because of the high content of health-promoting ingredients are included in functional foods and is regarded as one of the most nutritious fruits.

Distinguished by their ability to mature after harvest (climacteric fruit), which is rare among the berries. Mini Kiwi plants are resistant to diseases that is why do not require chemical spraying.

- 100% nature -

Essence of taste

Essence of taste

Mini Kiwi fruits are in wide varieties which differ in color of the skin, flesh, size and the shape.

They have richer, more distinctive taste and flavor compared withwell known fuzzy kiwi. Flavour is more attractive in consumer researches. This is combination of flavours of: gooseberry, pineapple, strawberries, banana and plum flavours.
They are also sweeter. May contain up to 20% of extract.


Consuming & Applications

Consuming & Applications

Mini kiwi fruit should ripen at room temperature. Best to serve it slightly chilled to a temperature of 15 – 18 ° C. Best to eat when their skin darkens, become wrinkle and soft.

Mini kiwi can be successfully used in everyday cooking to make healthy, light meals. It can also be added to our dishes or as a component of cocktails and desserts.

Let’s try our cooking recipes!

- The diversity of varieties -

Mini Kiwi Geneva

a variety from the United States. Its berries weigh 7-10 g and are spherical, sometimes covered with brown-red blush. They have a pleasant honey aroma. They ripen in September.

Geneva Mini Kiwi Geneva

Mini Kiwi Weiki

a variety of German origin. The berries weigh 7-12 g and have a cylindrical shape (2.5 x 3.5 cm). They have cherry-red blush. They ripen in October.

Weiki Mini Kiwi Weiki

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