Polish Mini Kiwi Growers Association

Polish Mini Kiwi Growers Association

Polish Mini Kiwi Growers Association meeting 2017

Meeting people interested in cultivating mini kiwi held since 2014 in the form of a seminar. Officially Association was established and registered in the year 2016, and from this moment, focused on the promotion mini Kiwi Fruit Growers, supports in topics related to the cultivation and her mini kiwi optimization. In addition, the association I spread health qualities of the fruit among consumers and creates a market. It brings together representatives of the growers and the world of science. Can we boast that we belong to the founders circle. Currently in the association works ok. 30 people. The functions of the president of the association Mr. Peter fully latocha, which more than 20 years the research side of handles this plant.

We are pleased to announce that in early June 2017 There was a meeting mini Kiwi Growers Association in Poland, which we were the participants. The meeting was held at the plantation in the town of Pyzdry.

This year 2017 the theme are the issues of global and European market, Mini Kiwi Fruit Production costs in Poland and abroad and ways to promote them. Also been raised about the fight spring frost.

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